Onassis Alliance is a SCAM. It is a newly introduced automated binary options trading software in the trading market. As trading is a bit on the easy part to earn money with proper experience, so many scammers choose this platform as an illegal way to make money. This is the same reason behind the origination of Onassis Alliance by Mr. Jed Onassis. It has the same motive of stealing the hard-earned money of investors who are new in the market of binary options trading. They are showing you dream of being a millionaire within a year with 97.5 % winning trade and over 650 dollars in every single hour, all of which is a big lie.

Every time scam software comes up with new strategies and scheme to lure your money. Onassis used many fabricated statements to make you believe that they are genuine and trustworthy. The official video presentation is so poor and unrealistic that everyone can easily mark it as a scheme of luring money out.
And so I took the courtesy of looking into this scam software. During my investigation, I have found many points and evidence that are quite enough to prove that Onassis Alliance is a SCAM. And if you are astonished why I am treating Onassis as a SCAM software and you though about investing with it. I suggest you go through this article hands forth, as in course of this article, I will provide all breakthrough evidence and proofs by which you will conclude it as a BIG  SCAM software.


Mr. Jed Onassis a self-maid millionaire, who is claiming to make you a millionaire within one year is a big fabricated statement. If you look into the video presentation deeply, you will find many significant points that prove it is a scam. If he is a millionaire, why would he choose a rented house to shoot the video? Yes, that’s right, the house that you see in the video is a rented one as it has even been used in another scam too.

They decorated a preplanned the stage to shoot their video. They rented the house with great interiors to display as it is their office. A millionaire even doesn’t have a setup of an office.  They have made many huge mistakes in their video as well on their website which can be easily identified. They are using all paid actors for casting its video and to introduce their website and software about which I will be talking after some time.

So, now I am going to provide you all proofs and evidence to prove that they are criminal and want to earn money in an illegal way by making fraud and fabricated statement.

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97.4 percent win rate:

He claims that this software always runs in 97.4 % winning position. That means it is very hard to find it in losing position. No, this can never happen as there is no software, that has been developed in online binary options signal trading platform which can give such consistent winning rate. If it is true, then it is very much possible that we will find the name ONASSIS in many popular magazines. It is a trap to catch new, inexperienced traders as it is easy to lure their money.


In the video presentation, he is claiming that you will earn 7500 dollars every day but on the top of the website it is showing that you can make 625 dollars every hour that mean 15000 dollars every day. There is a big mismatch between its video presentation and in its site display.


100 future millionaires:

In the video presentation, he never shows any bank statement of any clients who are going to be a millionaire within few days. He claims that his software can make you a millionaire within a year that means Onassis is close to celebrating its first anniversary. But, I am totally surprised after getting the result on who.is-Domain of Onassis is just registered before 8 days.


Free Software:

The formula to become a millionaire within one year never comes in free. It is another fabricated statement. Once you download this trading software, you need to pay a certain amount of cash to its brokers within your region. They will show you many big dreams to register, but once you get registered with Onassis, they will apply many fraudulent schemes upon you only to make your account balance empty. There present many hidden terms and condition in which you will get trapped easily. So never believe in this funny and ridiculous statement.

Fake timer:


In the website, you will see a timer that is automatically going to decrease and finally it will be on Zero position. This timer is used on the member page of the site to give you time to register. It is showing in 30 minutes registration time will close. It is yet another fake way making you fall for their trap. This timer never stops. It is a simple a program that is running some numbers in a loop continuously. It gets started from beginning after each site reload.

Animated Live result:


Like timer their live result also running a program. After a particular time, it will show again the same result. They are using loop program with graphics to make you believe that they are showing the real time Live result.

Final verdict: Onassis is a SCAM!

Onassis Alliance has been proven to be a scam. Now unless you want to loose your hard earned money willingly, I would want to suggest you stay away from this Binary Options Trading scam. This scam has been launched for one and only reason, to rob you of your hard earned money.

The world of binary options trading can be a real deal while changing your life, all you have to do is stay away from scam software / firms like Onassis Alliance. And then you will have the most profitable change in your life. Stay away from Onassis Alliance as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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