Charity Profits App” first of all, I want to say Seriously? You scammers have to take your name as a charity now? Well, the scammer has taken a step forward to scam money out of investors by using the name CHARITY Profits App. Nothing could have gone worst and I knew it was a scam right when I visited their Official site, Well I thought that was it until I went ahead and started looking into the RUBBISH they have put up there on their site.

charity profits scam

I will not be pulling this much longer and say right here that Charity Profit App is a disgusting scam! And for the fact that they have even dragged the name of charity into the scam, so I have taken the courtesy of demasking this devilish scam.

So let’s look into the fact that how low a scam company can get to trick people into believing and investing with them.

Charity Profit App- A Freaking Disgusting Scam!!!!

As if the name and their act weren’t dirty enough, the scam artists now took it a step ahead by saying right off that they have donated over $1million to charity. And not just that they even claim to make $4000 right away in your pocket.More like scam $4000 right out of the pocket!their act weren’t dirty enough, the scam artists now took it a step ahead by saying right off that they have donated over $1million to charity. And not just that they even claim to make $4000 right away in your pocket..More like scam $4000 right out of the pocket!.More like scam $4000 right out of the pocket!

Same old Scam Tactics:

So moving ahead, right after I visited the site the first thing that I was able to notice was the same old scam scheme of showing rich sceneries of yacht sitting by in bay along with a lot of same old crappy look security claims from MaAfree, Geotrust and many others that we keep seeing on all other scam sites poorly written script indeed!a poorly written script indeed!

But when it wasn’t enough, those scam artist had to even bring in relief funds like Veterans Org, Water Relief and Love Africa relief funds that can make anyone go nuts over this scam company.

The Starting of the Charity Profits App Scam Video:

As we move on with the video you will be able to see the succubus behind all this act! Namely … .Then you will be able to see a lot of  account balance in millions which even goes up, which looks absolutely the worst case of photoshop. Expensive cars like Bugatti, Bentley and even Jet which are of course similar to all the scam companies out there.

charity profits scam review

When I was looking at the video, the one thing that attracted most of the attention is the fancy looking house which looked really familiar. WAIT A SEC!!!! Isn’t that the same house from yet another scam company FastCashBiz and even PushMoneyApp. Seem like the rotten fruit from the tree doesn’t fall very far away.

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More Paid Actors:

The next thing that I noticed was a few people talking about the app and saying how it help to make money.ALOT OF MONEY!!! Which was indeed rubbish as the people giving out the testimonials were from These were the people who are willing to give out fake video testimonials and sell their pride and reputation for just $5 !!! Such shameless paid actors!

The Women Behind the Acts is Fake? More Fake Acts!!!

And then comes the stinger! The queen of the beehive who is out there to suck out as much money as they can by naming their scam app even as Charity Profits App. And believe it or not the queen is also from and is a paid actor herself. Looks like she always wanted to work in Hollywood and ended up making scam videos claiming to make millions.

I would like to ask you guys a simple question out there… Which legit Millionaire making company or app ever makes so much claim about making the investors a millionaire? NO ONE!!! That’s the answer.. as simple as that.

john morgan

The video goes on about saying about making $4000 with bonus and that too for free and that’s making a million in just 10months. And then again the video goes on showing yet another new face who is also from who goes on saying that he made $3718 and making almost 8K in 2 days. And this is where it confirms that Charity Profits App is all about these disgusting scam actors from

The Most Disgusting thing About Charity Profits App Scam:

At the end of the video, things get even worst when these scam artist bought the mayhem down for good!!! And by mayhem I mean the worst scam tactics I have ever seen where they are in a room and they start showing a graph where they say they are going to show the proof of Charity Profits proof in action. And this so called proof was a disgusting tactics where they claim to have given out money to orphanages which amounted to over a million, over half a million to homeless, over 1.3 million for cancer research and more. All of these this claims which were fake and were never ever even broadcasted or updated in any newspaper.

charity profits app review

This is where I have concluded that all these are a part of their big scam where they tried to grab peoples emotions through this fake donation schemes which even gets worst right when you enter their site.

Top to Bottom- Filthy Charity Profits App  SCAM!

Yes, right when you enter their site you will be able to see that they added a popup to start of which included an image of African children following the African act and even pictures of real veterans with which they are trying to gain their emotional scam tactics.

My Last Words About Charity Profits App:

I would simply advise you to stay away from this filthy site and suggest you tell any of your friends or family members to stay away too. This scam company has taken things so far that they should be banned from ever doing such acts.

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